cut n’ paste on a rainy winter night.

Posted in news, notebook, photography by rhianon on December 5, 2009

IDLEWOOD ‘zine is done! some of the raddest ladies in Vancouver recently got together and made the ‘zine they’d been talking about making for about two years. There’s not much writing in there, except Natalie’s comprehensive history of female skateboarders, but there’s loads of photos and little snippets from the likes of Alana Patterson over in Copenhagen. We basically wanted to make the ‘zine that would’ve gotten us the most stoked when we were just getting in skating. There’s also a bunch of motopickle stuff in there – a trip to SF/Yosemite and a double-trouble roll to Montana.

idlewood zines

We thought there would only be one issue, but we had the ‘zine release last night at Antisocial Skateboard Shop and people were really excited about getting involved in the next one. So, we’ll see. I’ll be going to Europe, Israel, Egypt and Lebanon this coming year with my fellow adventurer, Erika. I’m sure we can get some interesting content for Issue #2. Coming spring (?) 2010!

There are only 100 copies of Idlewood, but if you’re interested in getting one e-mail or visit Michelle at Antisocial.

Black and white and read all over

Posted in news, portfolio, writing by rhianon on September 2, 2009

There was this great little newsweekly around a couple summers ago called Tooth and Dagger. It was ambitious and different, and put together by a handful of young people whose ‘office’ was essentially Our Town cafe. I was lucky enough to write some news stories before the reality of paper publishing ended all the fun.

Here’s something I wrote on e-waste recycling in Vancouver that was later published as a sidebar on The Tyee.

It’s August – Do You Know Where Your Ewaste Is?

Ewaste for Tooth and Dagger

Skateboarding and creative community on Main St.

Posted in news, portfolio, writing by rhianon on September 2, 2009

I wrote an article for SBC Skateboarding last year on one of the best places around:
Vancouver’s Antisocial skateboard shop.

SBC Skateboarding Summer 2009 - photo: scott pommier