“I guess you have to be older, bitter and barely skate to get some love.”

Posted in news, portfolio, writing by rhianon on September 2, 2009

For the last several years I’ve worked at Color Magazine as a copy editor and regular contributor to this skateboard culture publication out of Vancouver. The issues are concept-oriented and include fashion, music and art along with all the skateboarding stuff. There isn’t really any other predominantly skateboard-oriented magazine out there that has such an original design and breadth in content. I just finished an article on pro skateboarders-turned-designers for our upcoming fashion issue (Fall 2009), but here’s an older article I did on Flip skateboards and it’s ability to scout out young talent.

Flip Ams Article for Color Magazine

Flip ams get ballistic (Color 6.3 – Spring 2008)
words by rhianon bader

Quito, Ecuador, is far, far away from the epicentre of the skateboarding industry. The downtown streets are always packed with assorted vendors, bumpin’ salsa music, heinously decorated buses and gringo tourists like myself. There are not many skateboarders, and the street spots are fun in a run-down, security-guards-with-machine-guns sort of a way. There is, however, a pretty fun skatepark called Parque Carolina… This is where I first saw Flip’s newest pro, 18-year-old David Gonzales, skate a few years back. He was probably 12 or 13 at the time, visiting Ecuador from neighbouring Colombia on a skate trip with some older compatriots. A crew of us went skating around the city, and it was quickly obvious that Gonzales was oozing ridiculous talent that you could spot a mile (or a continent?) away. I wasn’t really that surprised to learn he was getting stuff from Flip, but I remember thinking “how the hell did they find this kid?”