you are what you eat?

Posted in news, portfolio, writing by rhianon on December 5, 2009

I’m currently putting together an application for a grad school program in Amsterdam on global environmental governance. It’s a really fascinating field that covers all kinds of issues, from climate change to pollution to genetically modified crops. I wrote a paper on the latter during my last year at UBC that was published in 2008 University of British Columbia Journal of Political Studies and I thought I’d put it up if anyone was interested. The paper focuses on Africa but the issue of genetically engineered crops is something that is increasingly affecting us all.

PDF: Genetically Engineered Crops, Food Security and Regulation in sub-Saharan Africa

“Since the mid-1990s, numerous actors, including NGOs, states, regional bodies and international organizations, have recognized the need for regional if not continental consensus on biosafety regulations, especially due to the ability of GEOs to cross boundaries and borders. While acknowledging that it is important for sub-Saharan Africa to remain open to technological breakthroughs that can increase agricultural production and food security, there are a number of challenges that affect the region’s ability to explore this possibility in the precautionary and comprehensive manner that is required.”